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Our Current Schedule:
(as of 9/8/2023)


6:30p- 10:00p- Epee practice

    7:00p- Teen/Adult Beginner instruction (1 hr)


6:30p-10:00p- HEMA Practice


    7:00p- Longsword

    7:00p- Rapier, Sidesword

6:30p- 10:00p- Epee practice

    7:00p- Teen/Adult Beginner instruction (1 hr)

    7:00p- HEMA Beginner

6:30p-10:00p- HEMA practice


    7:00p- Longsword

    7:00p- Rapier, Sidesword

    8:00p- Poleaxe Fitness (1 hr)

    8:00p- HEMA Saber


6:30p- Light Saber

7:00p- Women's Longsword & Mixed Weapons

7:00p- Teen/Adult Epee


10:00a- Teen/Adult Epee

10:00a-1:00p- HEMA Practice

    10:00a- HEMA Beginner

    10:00a- HEMA Focus Group (1 hr)

1:00p- Light Saber

Two Ravens Fencing School is proud to be one of the few fencing clubs offering instruction in multiple disciplines. Two Ravens Fencing School favors individual lessons for instruction, giving each student the freedom to learn at their own pace, without the fear of missing out or falling behind if life gets in the way of a regular weekly training schedule.


We are currently open for programming Monday through Friday Evenings until 10:00p, and Saturday mornings until 3:00p. While all members are welcome to join any regular practice, certain days are set for certain weapons to make sure we all get the most out of our training.

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