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Head Coach/Owner


Coach Stone hails from New Jersey, one of the most competitive environments for modern fencing in the United States. Brian was a member of the University of Notre Dame's Division I fencing team from 1994-1998, serving as mens epee team captain and earning First Team All-American and team MVP honors. Ever a student of swords and sword history, Brian utilizes his broad depth of experience, research, and knowledge to teach an array of strategies and techniques to anyone interested in learning.



Associate Owner


Amy Gertiser is a founding member of Two Ravens Fencing School and has been fencing epee for 15 years, competing at local, regional, and national levels. Amy handles the operations logistics and merchandise at the club. She is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame ('00, '12) and a proud ND band geek. When she's not at the club, Amy can usually be found in her garden or camping with her husband, Chris.

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