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A Sword for Everyone!

Two Ravens Fencing School is a group of enthusiastic practitioners of sword-learning. We specialize in western European disciplines of the sword and a few other weapons from the Middle Ages up to Modernity. All have proven to be exciting and engaging ways to stretch and strengthen one’s body and mind. 


We currently practice épée fencing, in the modern olympic tradition. Epée is a lifelong sport, so it is never to late to start!  We participate in local, regional, and national level competitions. 


We also train in older, more archaic forms such as longsword, sword and buckler/shield, poleaxe, rondel dagger, and other renaissance weapons like rapier and sidesword. Curved cutting weapons like saber and szabla also make an appearance. For each weapon, we follow a regimen laid down in manuscripts and treatises by old masters six hundred and more years ago. 


All ages, genders, creeds and cultures participate in the fun at Two Ravens Fencing School. We invite you to come by and see us!

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