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Fencing: A Sport for Everyone!

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Fencing is a modern sport based on the traditional skills of swordsmanship and dueling. Physically intensive and mentally engaging, fencing helps people of all ages and backgrounds develop coordination, fast reflexes, and sharp focus. An extremely accessible sport, with different styles, age groups from young to old, and levels of competition, fencing is truly a sport for everyone.

Fencing is made up of three separate "weapons"; Epee, Foil, and Saber. Each weapon has its own set of Rules and methods, but the goal is to use your weapon to score a valid "touch" (or hit) against your opponent, ultimately reaching a score of 15 before your opponent (or being ahead at the end of time in epee and foil) to win the bout.    


Perhaps surprisingly, fencing is also among the safest sports, with a drastically lower injury rate than most other popular sport options.


Fencing offers many different levels of competition. We can help find the right tournaments for you, whether you want to be a champion, or just have some fun.

      Local- Many fencers first tournaments are local, tournaments hosted by local clubs and university teams and sanctioned by the United States Fencing Association (USFA). These can range from beginners only, to Open events with nationally ranked fencers, and everything in between!

     Collegiate- Many universities offer fencing club and varsity teams, where members compete in team matches against other universities. Depending on the program and university, there may be recruitment and a try out process. We can help prepare and develop any prospective future collegiate fencers, and offer guidance towards the right collegiate program for them.

     Regional/National- Fencers from across the region and country compete in large tournaments held by the USFA in a yearly circuit. Separated into Division 3, 2, or 1 by ratings, as well as youth and vet events for younger and older fencers. While primarily individual, there are often chances for clubs to submit teams to compete in matches with others as well. There is an event for everyone!

     Recreational Club Fencing- Not into competition? No problem! Many fencers enjoy fencing purely for the fun of getting a physical and mental workout, getting together with their fellow club members, and having a good bout.

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